Friday, 14 April 2017


I love freedom jewellery, there's always super pretty pieces and they're so different and unique. I found these pieces and really loved the choker set! It comes with a black shorter choker and a gorgeous gold long choker-style necklace, it looks really great with a buttoned down shirt. I've been pairing it with other gold dainty chokers to create a layered look. 
I love wearing earrings and these were too cute to pass up. They come with 4 sets of dainty earrings that look so nice on. My favourite are definitely the crystal/stone style pair (second from top). 
 I am so excited about trying this Topshop eyeshadow! This glittery eyeshadow called U-turn is so unbelievably pretty and would deffo be great as a highlighter as well if you want that shimmery, glittery look! Perfect for festivals!

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