Sunday, 5 March 2017


Current faves are back and better than ever! How CUTE are these shoes!! I am so in love with these little block heels and what makes them even more loveable is the fact that they were only £1 in Primark! £1!! I mean I had to! But the colour of them is so pretty, a metallic silver/gunmetal and they look so nice paired with black jeans! Another item from Primark is this pink sparkly top that is so adorable with a thick choker and a dark pink lip, I've just realised I haven't featured a piece of clothing in any of my current faves, which is deffo gotta change! Face masks are life saviors and are the best when you wanna relax and cleanse your skin or before a big night out, the 'Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask' is my go-to face mask before a night out! It is so refreshing and moisturising, which is perfect before you apply your makeup leaving your skin feeling plump. A body butter which is always a must-have for great feeling skin, my fave being this Soap and Glory one called 'The Righteous Butter', it has the BEST smell ever and softens my skin which I find is especially great before I fake tan! Let me know what your current faves are! 

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