Sunday, 18 June 2017


 I feel like Primark has a bad rep for their underwear selections as most of us will know they're deffo cheap but deffo not durable! They're great for basic underwear but they aren't going to last in the long run, so I was intrigued to purchase these bralettes! First of all they're super pretty and look so delicate on, they're really flattering and make you feel so sexy, which is so important because lingerie should never make you feel ugly! They range from £5 to £10 and come in so many colours, designs and styles. I've had the white bralette for over 2 months now and its still going strong, it is showing a few signs of wear and tear which I think is to be expected especially after getting washed so many times its always going to slightly fray (in the pic it looks like its slightly discoloured but its not it's just the lighting, promiseee). They all have adjustable straps which is honestly a life saver as I hate it when bras don't have them and you can never get the right fit! One thing I would say is be wary of the sizing, I've got a bigger bust so was worried about what size to get, the white and pink bralette are size 'M' and the green one is 'L' weirdly I feel like the 'M' bralettes fit me a lot better and are comfier than the 'L' one that is slightly smaller and doesn't fit as comfortably, also the green one has glittery thread in it which is so pretty but can irritate after a while especially as its a racer back, I find myself finding it slightly uncomfortable after a while. The great thing is that they all come with matching bottoms which are equally as cute so for £5/10 you're getting a whole underwear set that's pretty and will deffo last you. 

Gina x 

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