Sunday, 25 June 2017


I love this look and I'm definitely gonna be rocking this at the festivals I'm going to! I think its one of the prettiest looks I've done, the tears are deffo my fave! I wanted to go for something a bit different with this look and try something out that I've never done before! So I used a fine glitter for the whole look and a holographicy eye shadow that is amazing especially when its used wet! Keeping with my basic makeup routine, same eyebrows, same base I just used more bronzer because I'm totally loving my Hoola Benefit bronzer at the moment! I went with a blue, bronzey, gold eye look, using a gold pigment for the inner corners of my eyes and then a yellow glitter on top, I went for a pretty sky blue for the outer corners of my eyes followed by a darker deep blue and I really love how it turned out! I feel like it really brings out the blue in my eyes and I've stuck with my trusty falsies Eyelure 141's, my fave lashes! Had to do my festi space buns, I feel like this look would be perfect with blue glitter roots, I'm definitely going to be doing a post on that soon! Let me know what sort of posts you'd like to see or like to see more of! I love doing these festi looks and I've got so many looks lined up so keep an eye put for them! I can't wait to get to my first festival so I can actually wear these looks out!!  

Gina x

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