Tuesday, 6 June 2017


This swimsuit really makes me want to be on holiday! Primark have got some super cute swimsuits/bodysuits in at the moment and its making me super excited for summer! Had to pick this cutie up, and for £4 it was an absolute steal! Although its a swimsuit I really like wearing it as a bodysuit with high waisted jeans or a denim skirt, it looks really cute with some dainty chokers too. It has a really low back which is great for sunbathing, and its surprisingly very good quality which for £4 I did not expect, it super comfy and makes me figure look great too! I'm definitely going to be picking up more designs! 
This lip scrub from Lush is a saviour, I couldn't wait to start using it when I bought it and it smells so good! It honestly leaves my lips feeling so smooth, I love using it after my night skincare routine and follow it up with a nivea lip balm and my lips are so soft in the morning which is perfect before I apply my makeup, especially as I wear lipstick a lot and that can dry my lips out quite a bit. I had to choose bubblegum because it smells lushhh and tastes nice... I'm not even sure if you're supposed to lick it off but I shamelessly do! My boyfriend loves it too, hes always asking to use it!
How cute are these earrings that I made! I found these glittery pom poms in my craft box and thought they'd look great as a pair of earrings, I just added the earring components (i.e the little hooks) and super glued the bottom so they were very secure. They do look slightly christmassey but I love them so much that I'll still wear them whenever! 

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