Sunday, 4 June 2017


I was so excited to try these out when they came out! Mainly because I absolutely love changing up my hair colour, pastel shades being my favourite! So I couldn't wait to get my hands on these, Bleach London has always been my fave for temporary hair colours but I was curious to see how these would turn out, I went with #dirtypink and #purplehair as these were my safe colours, just in case I didn't like them! The #dirtypink shade lasts around a week depending on how much you wash your hair, I tried not to wash it as much as I usually do to preserve the colour but it did fade quite quickly which I expected as it was a very light pink, if you wanted to do all of your hair properly then I recommend buying two packs as I struggled with just one and my hair had slight blonde patches. I think its better used as an ombre shade or highlights which they do show on the back of the packaging. It was definitely cute whilst it lasted though! The #purplehair shade is a 2 week pastel that definitely lasts a lot longer than the pink, I still have it in my hair now! As you first apply the purple, it appears quite dark but after a few washes it tones down to a really pretty light purple shade that looks super cute! I did notice though that when I took pics the shades actually looked quite similar! When I have my hair in pretty shades I always feel like I wanna do more stuff with it like plaits and add accessories! Can not wait for festival season when I'll be trying out loads of different colours, let me know what you think I should try next!
Gina x

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