Saturday, 19 August 2017


I've always been a fan of sea salt sprays and I've tried so many over the years. As its summer I get so lazy with my hair and just want something that's quick, simple and makes me feel cute! I love straightening and curling my hair but when its warmer I don't really want to be using hot tools on my hair. So sea salt spray is great for when you want that tousled, undone look in literally seconds. 
I spray mine on when my hairs both wet and dry, when I've just got out the shower and washed my hair, I'll towel dry it and then spritz the sea salt spray onto my hair and blowdry it or let it dry naturally (if I'm not in a rush) and I'll end up with messy curls, when its dry I do the exact same, I'll just scrunch up the ends of my hair to create natural looking waves. This particular sea salt spray is great because it comes in such a huge bottle and it was only £3, I love it because it smells really nice and doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy like some salt sprays do. It creates really pretty waves and keeps its hold for the whole day. One thing I did find with this bottle is that its quite hard to hold and because its such a smoothly shaped bottle it kept slipping out of my hands haha!! Overall though its definitely become my favourite hair product at the moment! 

Let me know your current fave hair product! 

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