Wednesday, 30 August 2017


So like everyone, I'm always on the lookout for new beauty, skin and body care products, I think there's just something about picking up  a new product, unwrapping and trying out its complete newness (is that weird, hmm). 

I've never thought about looking on Amazon for skincare, its my usual go to for cheap, super cool glitter and unique gifts, trust me you can find some great gifts on Amazon. The wackier the better, right? So when I came across this brand called Grace and Stella (cuteeee name right!). They have everything from mud masks to facial oils, everything you need for a perfect pamper night, and I loveeee a good pamper night, day, week! So I decided on buying the facial masks and the dead sea mud mask because I love a good ol' face mask, I was so surprised by the quality of the products. They were pretty pricey so I was a little apprehensive about how they would be, also whether they would actually be any good for my skin. 

Facial Masks 

So in the box you get a pack of 6 face masks ( I used one before taking these pics, hence there only being 5). These really reminded me of the Garnier tissue masks, they were super refreshing and really surprised me! It made my skin feel amazing and honestly I could of kept it on for hours, does anyone else go into slight shock when putting tissue masks on though, because they're so damn cold! I have slight dry patches on my skin and after using just one of these masks I could notice how softer and hydrated my skin felt. As I've only used this once I'm going to do a little update on my twitter in a couple of weeks time to see how I'm getting on with them!

Check it out here: (similar) Face Masks

Dead Sea Mud Mask

I've never got on with mud masks because I've always found that they completely dry out my face, which is not a good look. So yeah at first I was thinking 'Gina why are you buying a mud mask, you know you don't like these' but I felt like I didn't want to tar every mud mask with the same brush (I just realised how weird that sounded, but it made me laugh so). So I went ahead and purchased it, when it arrived it came in these sweet little box and the jar itself is so professionally made. I coated this over all of my problem areas: cheeks, nose and chin and let it dry, it smelt really good which was a nice surprise. So after leaving it on for 5-10 mins I washed it off and patted my face dry, the areas I had covered actually felt moisturised and smoothed out, my skin overall felt really fresh and new. It also made it easier for me to apply my makeup after using it as it made me skin felt smooth, making my foundation easier to apply. I really like this mask and the amount you get in the jar is super good, so I know its going to last me a while!

Check it out here: Dead Sea Mud Mask

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