Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Okay, so maybe I was drawn in by the pretty holographic packaging but I love Maybelline's products so was excited to try these out anyway! So the packaging is super cute and I love that's its shiny and holographic but are the products even any good, I'd heard a lot about the Anti-Age Eraser concealer so was intrigued to try it out, I found that it was a little dark for my skin because I'm so pale so I need a concealer that's a lot lighter than my foundation but I have found that with a tan its the perfect shade as I use a darker foundation! It's not drying at all and actually blends in really well with my beauty sponge. It has a sponge applicator on the end which I find is really useful for areas around your nose and under the eyes. Highlighters are my fave makeup product I swear, they're just so pretty and make your skin glowy, so I couldn't wait to try this strobing stick out in shade Light Iridescent (100), I've never used a stick highlighter so was slightly worried it would drag and look blotchy but it goes on so smoothly and is really pretty on the skin, its quite sheer but definitely buildable and is perfect if you want that subtle shimmery glow! 

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