Wednesday, 10 May 2017


My brows are probably my most favourite AND most frustrating part of my makeup routine. Now I know they're supposed to be sisters not twins but I hate it when one looks better than the other, everyone has that one eyebrow that always lets them down but the other stands up to take first place.! Hahaha!! I've been using Makeup Revolutions eyebrow palette for over a month now and I love it, I really like my brows to be darker so the shades in this light/medium palette are perfect if you want a darker brow without them looking black. It comes with 2 cream brow colours, and 4 powders that you can use to go over your cream colour if you want a more defined look. It also comes with a cream base that you can actually use above and underneath your brows to neaten them up with I think is so useful and it goes on so nicely as it's not drying, I never really use the little brushes that come with eyebrow kits but these are super cute if you're going away or travelling and don't want to take too many makeup brushes, especially the tweezers which are super handy! I like to use this eco tools slanted eyeliner brush to draw in my brows as its thin and creates a sharper liner, I then use this spoolie brush from Primark to neaten them up! The fact that this palette costs £7.99 makes me love it more because the quality of it is so good, my eyebrows don't budge all day and once the brow cream is on it dries super quickly so even if you're in a rush this is perfect for you!

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