Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I feel like I haven't posted a current faves in ages, this is definitely overdue! I've always wanted an electric facial brush but have never known which brand to go for, I came across this one in an Avon book and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was only £16 which is a lot cheaper than some of the ones I've seen online! I never buy anything from Avon so was interested to see how this would work out, its battery powered which I was slightly worried about as I wanted to be able to use it in the shower but it is splash proof so I use it as soon as I'm in the shower facing away from the water and it works wonders! The brush comes with two heads, exfoliating and just a general cleansing one and they both feel really nice on my skin, I use the cleansing head every night and then the exfoliating head once a week just so that my skin doesn't dry out! I deffo recommend it to anybody that's wanting one of these but doesn't want to pay the hefty price tag, I just use my Loreal fine flowers wash with it. 
These eye brushes are so pretty! They're by Makeup Revolution and they come as a set of four eyeshadow brushes, the gold handles are super lush and make them look so much more expensive than they actually are! I think I paid £12 for them which is great considering they're really good quality! They're great if you're going travelling too as they're quite compact! 
I've mentioned this product in a previous post but I just love it! The Body Shop 'Sparkler' which is a little mist bottle filled with GLITTER, its so pretty and looks great sprayed on your face and body! It comes out very fine and glitters when you move which is so great for nights out, will definitely be using it at a festival to cover my whole body! 

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