Tuesday, 1 August 2017


If you lovelies are anything like me then you always take too much stuff away with you, especially to festivals! I always worry that if I don't take it all with me that I'm bound to desperately need something that I haven't brought with me! So I had a good think and tried to narrow it down to some of the basics that every gal should take. Obviously there are a few things missing that you would take but this is a great starting point if you have no idea what to bring along with you!

Suncream and Aftersun

First things first, even if the weather forecast says torrential rain, take some suncream because its surprising how sun burnt you can get even when the sun is out for 5 seconds! I use Malibu kids suncream in factor 30 because I burn so easily, I like the mini tubes because if you're only going for a couple of days its all you really need and this was only £1 from Poundland!

I then have my saviour, Aloe Vera after sun! This is so cooling and leaves your skin feeling so moisturised and not so dried out from the sun!

One of the most important festi essentials is this Malibu Scalp Protector! It's genius and has honestly been my saviour, its a clear suncream that you can use all over your scalp and hair to protect the skin as its more prone to sunburn. Its amazing and doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy or heavy it doesn't even feel like you have it on! Its also so great for when you do your glitter roots as the glitter can sometimes irritate your scalp making it uncomfortable especially when its burnt. I spray the areas of my scalp that are most exposed before and after I apply glitter!

Wet Wipes

So festival toilets aren't the prettiest and forcing yourself to go in one is definitely a chore. I always carry a pack of Halo toilet tissue with me in my bum bag for when I'm desperate for the loo! Not only are they great for when you need to do the business but you can always use them to wipe the toilet seat before you take a seat! They're so handy as they come in a travel size packet great for fitting in your mini backpack or bum bag!

Setting Spray

I don't know about anyone else but I always worry that my makeup is going to slide half way down my face after a couple of hours of dancing! So I knew I needed to find a setting spray that would keep my makeup looking cute! I picked up this Barry M mist and fix setting spray and I am in loveee, it leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and your makeup looks dewy and fresh, I can't wait to take it with me and see how it holds up in the festival atmosphere!


So I HATE washing my hair at festivals because you can either never use the showers they provide or you have to sit in a deck chair and have cold water thrown over your head in order to try and wash it. So when I discovered this towel off shampoo by Zerreau, I was excited and less anxious about washing my hair! Its so great because you apply it to your hair, massage it in and towel it off and your hair is washed! I mean this is just the miracle product, I'll be taking this with me for all my travels! 

Nail Varnish

I always have to have a good glittery nail varnish with me, especially if I'm not wearing false nails. I love this purple glitter nail varnish from Barry M called 'Fashion Icon' (loveee the name!) I usually use 3 coats of it to get super glittery nails! 

Face Glitter

Honestly I would feel lost at a festival if I didn't have my glitter! And this year I'm taking face gems with me too to cover my whole face!! I always take a few different small pots of glitter with me so I have a few choices when I do my makeup! 

Let me know what your festi essentials are!

Gina x

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