Sunday, 6 August 2017



I've wanted to try the NYX Vivid brights liner for ages, I couldn't decide what colour to choose from because they're all such pretty colours! I picked petal because pink is deffo my colour, I feel like this liner makes me want to up my eyeliner skills! I was so excited to try it and see what looks I could create with it, I was a little curious on how easy it was to apply because eyeliner definitely isn't the easiest thing to use! I started off with quite a basic eye, primed and used a nude eyeshadow to cover my eyelid and honestly the eyeliner glided on and its so bright! Its so pretty on and has easily become my favourite eyeliner. I have so many ideas that I cant wait to try out with this liner and I am definitely purchasing more colours!


I always get excited when I buy new Barry M cosmetics, I've never thought of trying any of their face products before. Especially the corrector concealers, so I chose the green corrector that covers any redness. As I sometimes have trouble areas with my skin I thought this would be the best one to pick, they also have 'Terracotta' and 'Yellow' which both cover dark circles under your eyes and 'Purple' that brightens your skin. They retail at £4.49 which is very reasonable considering other correcting concealers are a lot pricier! It covers really well and takes some of the redness away before I apply my foundation and concealer. It blends really well and doesn't feel heavy or clogging on the skin. One thing I will say though is that it is quite sheer when you first apply so I do find that I need to apply a little more over the top just to completely cover it. I really like the design of the packaging, it's funky! 

Let me know if you've tried any of these products out!

Gina x

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