Wednesday, 23 August 2017


I was so curious about trying out this sponge because I've heard such mixed reviews, the good, the bad and the damn right terrible! I also had no idea how to actually use the sponge or whether it would be any good with my foundation, so I picked up this silicone sponge from a beauty outlet and for £1.99 I wasn't too bothered if it didn't actually work out! So I moisturised and primed like usual, because the sponge was so smooth, I thought my makeup foundation was just going to be dragged around my face in a streaky mess! I used my Revlon Colorstay foundation (this is the foundation I use when I'm tanned, I LOVE it!), I started of with the smallest amount as I didn't want to coat it on and look cakey. 

   The application was surprisingly so smooth, my foundation looked really good and there weren't any streaky lines or patches. Another great thing that I noticed was that all of the product that you used with the sponge actually went on your face instead of being soaked up by a beauty blender or a foundation brush, as its also pointed its great for getting into the corners of your eyes or around your nose when using both foundation and concealer! 

I will say though, that it did take longer to apply my base makeup with this rather than my beauty blender, maybe because I was being extra cautious with it making sure to cover all areas and constantly checking in the mirror to see if there were any streaky lines! Oh the pressure we feel when using a new product! (Especially when you're using a piece of silicone to blend your foundation in, hahaha!) 

It says to only use the sponge with wet products, which I definitely agree with as I feel like it could make your face look cakey when used with powder. 

It has definitely surprised me and I'm quite excited about using it more, I'm definitely a beauty blender girl so will be sticking with that for most of the time but I'll definitely be using this sponge more often! 

Have you tried a silicone sponge? If so what did you think of it? 

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