Monday, 8 May 2017


I'm always on the look out for cute sunnies, especially ones that are cheap too because sunglasses are so easy to break when they're at the bottom of your handbag! I've always stuck with my trusty oversized sunglasses as the shape suits me best, but at the moment I find myself drawn to the more smaller shades like the bottom pair that are mirrored with a pink tint. They're super cute not only because they're pinky but because they're comfortable on your face which is a must-have!! Both pairs of sunglasses are from Primark, which has got to be my fave place to buy sunnies for pennies!! The top pair are perfect for the summer as they're so big, they're a great shape and really complement my face which is always a bonus when it comes to me buying sunnies, I love the design of them with the tortoise effect adding a little something to a black pair of sunnies! And after paying £5 for both of them I'm deffo happy with buying more!

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