Sunday, 11 June 2017


 HEY GLITTER! I love these festival looks so much that I've got two in a row on the blog! I've been a bit absent with the blog this week due to just being so busy but I have so many ideas that I'm excited about, so stay tuned. This look is so pretty, like how glitzy is this glitter (insert *heart eye emoji*) a lush brand I found on Instagram kindly sent me some of their glitter and I've been so looking forward to creating a festi look with some of it! 'FestivalFacesGroup' sell such pretty glitter and face gems, so perfect for festivals and just makeup looks in general, I mean I would wear glitter everyday if I could! I was sent 3 pots from their new Jewel Collection: Silver Jewel Hexagons, Jewel Gold and Rose Gold, these are so great if you want to create quite detailed looks, as you can place each hexagon individually which I used for under my eyes, super holographic! I fell in love with the Sunrise Red glitter mix the purple hexagons are so perfect for bold, glitzy looks! I used the glitter fix to stick them on with a small brush which definitely takes some time but is so worth it, I did a pink, purple eye look and used a purple fine glitter for the inner corners of eyes. I love the glitter fix as I've found that a lot of glitter glues I've bought before are a bit touch and go on whether they actually stick the glitter to your face but this one was great especially for larger areas you want to cover. I've got other looks lined up using more glitter from Festival Faces which I can not wait for! I used the same glitter mix on my hair too which is so easy to apply with some hair gel and looks so pretty! How gorgeous are the other glitter mixes though! I just want to cover my whole face with them, more likes are coming soon! 
Check their website out here: festivalfacesgroup

Gina x
(Small Pots-Jewel Collection: Silver Jewel Hexagon, Jewel Gold, Rose Gold)
(L-R: Indigo Moon, Sunrise Red, Silver Galaxy, Unicorn Gold) 

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