Wednesday, 5 July 2017


I think I've found my best friend in a hair product! I am utterly obsessed with this Schwarzkopf leave-in conditioner, I wanted to try it out as I have quite dry ends because my hair is bleached and the ends tend to need a lot more loving than the rest of my hair does! I actually didn't think it would be as amazing as it is as my roots can get really greasy very quickly if I use too much product. It says to use on towel-dried or dry hair after washing, so as soon as I wash my hair I roughly dry it with a towel and then spritz my hair with this and either let it dry naturally or blow dry it and it leaves my hair feeling amazingly smooth and conditioned! I was blown away at how healthier my hair felt from just using this, it states that it leaves hair with silky suppleness and intense shine and my hair feels like silk every time I use it! You can use it frequently as well which is great if your hair starts to feel a little dry throughout the day. Just spray it onto the ends of your hair and brush it through and it works wonders! Definitely a new favourite of my mine that I'll be repurchasing for sure! The packaging is really cute as well, the bottle is holographic pink/white and you have to shake the bottle to mix the product up before you use it. 

I have problem skin so after I use my Body Shop tea tree facial wash I use these Superdrug glycolic acid cleansing pads, they aim to improve the skins tone and texture and awaken skin's natural glow. I use two pads for morning and night and use it within my normal beauty regime. They are so refreshing on my face especially in the evenings after I've taken all my makeup off. They just feel like they take that last bit of makeup off that your face wipes miss and freshen up your skin. I've definitely notice my skin looks a lot brighter so I'm looking forward to using these more often! 

Let me know what you think! 

Gina x

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